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Your commitment and support allows us to continue providing remarkable care to the communities we serve.

Since 1989, Hill Country Memorial Hospital Foundation has been the fund-raising arm of Hill Country Memorial. The promise of health care philanthropy is the ability to change lives and the power to save lives. Hill Country Memorial Hospital Foundation develops the resources that help keep and expand that promise to the people who trust us to care for them. Access to health care, both preventive and restorative, is essential to all people. It is only natural that the people who can benefit from hospital services want to take the lead in supporting their health care institution. Hill Country Memorial Hospital Foundation is committed to advancing the promise of life through philanthropy.

One of the foundation’s chief resources continues to be the very people who built the original hospital in 1971: area residents. Years before the foundation’s doors opened, volunteers began raising funds to build the original hospital. Hailed as the greatest community effort in the history of Gillespie County, the vision for great health care in the Texas Hill Country remains strong today. Over the years, the foundation has developed exceptional patient care programs, provided state-of-the-art equipment and has embarked on several major expansion projects which have allowed the hospital to meet the needs of a growing community.

Below is a brief explanation of the various funds to choose from:

Development Fund: Helps to secure, manage and distribute charitable gifts that support the hospital's mission.

Endowment Fund: A permanent fund to ensure the future of health care for the Hill Country. Contributions to this fund are deposited, individual donations are combined, and the resulting principal is protected. Only the earnings are used to fund hospital growth.

Forever Grateful: We often receive requests from those who have benefited in some way by the people and facilities of Hill Country Memorial. They want to give something in return to show their appreciation. The Forever Grateful program offers that opportunity.

CT Scanner: This breakthrough CT scanner has soared to the top of Hill Country Memorial Hospital’s wish list. It’s been called “the scanner that has it all” – the computerized tomography scanner just approved by the FDA in February. It lowers the patient radiation dose by up to 75 percent compared to conventional scanning while offering faster speed and higher resolution than ever before possible in one machine.

Hospice: Defrays the cost of hospice care to patients and families not funded by Medicaid, Medicare or insurance. Hospice patients receive special end-of-life care in the comfort of familiar surroundings, at home or in their nursing home. Together, gifts, volunteers and a dedicated staff make hospice possible.

Home Health Care: Home is the preferred place to recover, and HCM Home Care provides this service to patients throughout the Texas Hill Country. This funds helps in providing the home care staff with the tools and equipment they need in order to provide this service in the patients home, to ensure comfort and a quick recovery.

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