Da Vinci Si Surgical System

Bringing the da Vinci Si Surgical System to HCM

da Vinci Surgical System Patients getting better, faster. da Vinci Surgical System

As a not-for-profit, non-tax supported hospital, HCM looks to our generous community for help when we have an important need. Please join in supporting the purchase of the da Vinci Si Surgical System (da Vinci system), a sophisticated tool that enables a qualified surgeon to perform intricate procedures through tiny incisions.

The da Vinci system, including all the necessary components, setup, and training, will cost approximately $1.3 Million, but the benefit will be much greater for HCM’s patients. This equipment enables the surgeon to perform more delicate and complex operations than what is possible by hand today. It can also decrease recovery time and reduce the chance for infection compared with current laparoscopic (i.e. minimally invasive) procedures, improving the overall patient experience.

Every gift matters when it comes to keeping our health care here, always.

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